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Find in new Asian style labels the floor-length classic dresses which shimmer with cold metal shades the color of the night, while digital prints have a hypnotic australian. Futuristic dresses with big pearly buttons, low-slung wide belts, and original hats will perfectly fit ultra-modern (and uber rich) ladies who embrace modernity while remaining loyal to timeless classics.
Modern creators inspired by women from different continents and cultures who enjoy Asian fashion. That is reflected throughout the interpretations of kimonos, obi belts and shibori binding, as well as Maasai clothing. At the same time, Asians like to pay homage to the French fashion houses’ heritage, thus they created several new dresses, which would look perfect on the streets of Paris. The designers experimented with the cut and silhouettes – sometimes the simple top of a dress is combined with a puffy floor-length skirt, which bursts into stylish blossom. Long gloves, reminiscent of Dior’s iconic 1950s collections add a touch of the glamour of that era.

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